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What I want peer susvivors to know

What I want survivors to know….as a peer

I want them to know they are not alone. You may have spout of wanting to be alone in your pain, struggles and that is completely acknowledged and in a intimately need for you to sit with yourself. But when you are ready or have pocket of time needing more than the feeling of being alone, please know you have a empathetic survivor to be present with you. I wont try to fix it, I wont tell you it get better or promise you an unrealistic fix. Sometimes just having some one else that understands the thoughts running through your head can be al the comfort or support you need in a fragment of a day, week or month. There is no set cookie cutter way to process, disclose and deal with your pain. It will look different for everyone. I often see that peers have been so alone in their experience , even after others know about it, that they converse talk and talk till the cows come home about it with another survivors, often myself. And they thee s a time or dormancy where we have talk about it so much we are ok for a while and don’t need to until there comes a trigger that popped out of know where. Lets reflect and open up that trigger and just sit with it again. I guess what I am trying to say when you are ready, in your frame, in your  time when and for however duration you need, I have an confidential empathetic none judgmental ear for your. Till then, take care and one day at a time. 

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