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Resilance through trauma

How do you see your reliance through your trauma.

I have learned that my special skill set started out as a trauma reaction. Maybe my passion for developing young children comes from the inner broken and confused child that was abused and groomed so early.  I have a keen sense of observing behaviors and with my higher education I can identify developmental issues, and articulate how to address different developmental domains inorder to support a developing psyche. I have a deep passion for helping problematic behaviors, looking at what area of development that child needs fostering inorder to grow and change challenging behaviors. I feel for these children and their un addressed concerns from teachers and parents. I seek these opportunities to questions them. These situation remind me of the times I struggled as  a child with family members and teachers who never really understood my trauma or how to address it. How to apply the knowledge of having been abused to helping me heal, supporting my development and then applying this to my learning experiences. I have had to do all of this and it has been a journey. I did have as supportive household, with two loving supportive parents, but they were also healing and had to deal with abusive parents. As we are seeing an unprecedented number of children who are seen as having learning delays, developmental concerns, problematic behaviors from children that may have potential disorders. We are also see a large number of children who do not meet the requirements of a diagnosis which leaves them with undiagnosed behaviors. Wether a child has delays, learned behaviors or traumatic experiences after a diagnosis or a disclosure, teachers and parents need more practical everyday life tools to interact with and help these children flourish and become resilient. 

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