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Miranda Cruz

Co-Founder & Chief Executive 


Decades of Grooming experienced and years of Higher Education  in Child Developmental , Miranda has developed keen skills to observe and address social, emotional behavioral concerns with individual and intervene with family settings. With much success and research, more youth are reaching out than ever more during their recovery journeys. We are becoming increasingly aware of how intervention, support, and prevention education was essential to the healthy development of adolescents in our communities. 

Co-Founders and Chief Executive of 7 Graces for S.A.S., Miranda & Louis are 4th generation survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest. Miranda is a wife and mom of 5, Louis a dad of 3 boys they are dedicated to helping other sexual abuse survivors live flourishing lives. 

Together founded by Miranda & Louis they created 7 Graces for Sexual Abuse Survivors in 2018, to be a peer driven learning environment full of support to survivors and their families. A peer mentor specialist trained in crisis prevention and mental health, Miranda’s work in successfully developing and implementing the 7 Graces pilot program has been recognized by SDSU and she is the co-author of an upcoming textbook. Louis and Miranda want to attribute their recovery to the support given by their parents and want to be your support. 

With over 4 decades of life experience and 25 years of education in behavioral observance my passion and expertise is in Social Emotional Behavioral Support. With multiple developed programs under her belt she looks forward to supporting your family needs of social emotional behavioral development. 

There message to you: 

As Brother and sister who suffered through abuse together as well as individual's want you to know you are not alone. The fact that we had each other was key to out recovery. Let us be your recovery family and peer support. 

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