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Sex Abuse is a Crime to your sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, niece, cousin, best friend, wife....

Sex abuse can be stopped when understood. 

I can't tell you how many times I have women approach me and thank me for the cause. They share their support followed by how they would like to offer their time.


There are so many different situations and variables of abuse. Abuse is abuse no matter the level of experience. No matter the occurrence, even if it was one time it is abuse. No matter who the person was or how close a confidant he/she may be, it is abuse.  Sexual abuse is the actual act of inappropriate display of touch, expression and exploitation to a minor. A manipulated relationship to entertain various levels of sex abuse.  If it feels inappropriate, it is. 

Some women do not understand the levels of their abuse until their early 20's and many more will not process their abuse until their late adult years. Leaving them with no closure, no help and a number of relationship, mental health, physical health issues. There is still hope for every victim who wishes to seek a new enlightening path along side of 7 Graces. With your help they will receive the appropriate support and services. Thank you in advance  

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The Grooming process is a huge part of the sexual abuse experience.

You can't have one without the other, grooming and sex abuse. Being "GROOMED"  (Grooming: is an emotional manipulated relationship, with a goal to build trust in a predator with sexual intentions to harm a minor, usually a young child)

Did you know, that 90 % of children and youth who are sexually abused are by someone they know. Thank means only 10 % of sexually abused are abused by a complete stranger!  This fact make is understandably imperative for awareness, advocacy and prevention measures for the children in all our lives.  7 Graces provides training to teachers, education personnel, parents , community , churches to equipped the front line workers working with young children, teens and families.  We can't provide this needed work without your donations! Thank you in advance! 

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The kids of our community are our future and they each deserve a safe environment to grow. 


How can we protect so many children? By giving them the tools and knowledge.

Self Value

Awareness & Prevention tips

Knowing to to talk to and what to do

Giving them the empowerment to help their peers with support and courage

What resources, information, training areas does 7 Graces provide?

Body Safety Training

Self Value Training

Parent talking points



Thank you in advance for your donation!