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Get to Know Us

 Our programs were created to foster the development of emotional, social and healthy domains of behavior in all ages. Founder Miranda Cruz has a special skills set for assessing, profiling , developing, managing, and implanting healthy behaviors approaches for multiple ages. Our goal is to help parents, educators and individuals bridge the gap in  appropriate healthy and successful approaches to social emotional behavioral growth. Together we can build the communication connections between children, parent and educators. With years of lived trauma experiences, and passion for early development, we have developed multiple programs tools. Our programs range from mainstream behavior questions, addressing behavior quirks, to problematic behaviors and post traumatic growth.  


Who we serve

We are a non profit serving  the developmental wellness of women, youth, young children, and their families in our community who are  surviving social, emotional behavioral concerns.


We serve participants who are living life past sexual abuse with trauma informed care and social, emotional behavioral support with a lived experienced peer support.


7 Graces provides education  and training to community for Social Emotional and Behavioral Support through all our services.


7 Graces is utilizing our G.E.M Module that focuses on post traumatic growth with concepts of acknowledgment, awareness, prevention and participation. There are 7 gifts of Grace that 7 Graces focuses on that align with healing and longer term recovery.


  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Faith-Based Education

  • Sensory Engagement

  • Body Safe Training

  • Academic Development (Literacy & STEAM)

  • Family Engagement

  • Learning Readiness

  • Safe Environment

  • Grooming Prevention

  • Art/Music Learning

  • Social Emotional Wellness

Why We Serve

Our program provides families and guardians with guidance, participation in activities, and educational tools to support children’s social-emotional wellness, dealing with behavioral challenges and enhance learning readiness skills.

Our founder who has over 25 years of teaching and administration in early childhood development has a passion for continued development. She has lived expericnace of grooming behavior and abuse, and a passion for observing behaviors to help parents, address  problematic behaviors  and contribute to support the developing family as well as contributing efforts continue development to post traumatic growth. She continues her research and is a Co-Author of a text book From Trauma to resiliency.....which highlights her research and success with 7 Graces post traumatic growth peer  mentorship program.  


7 Graces creates an opportunity for children and adults to experience and build awareness of emotions in children who have been exposed to sexual abuse, and provide family members with tools to support them in dealing with the trauma and the challenges they face from the trauma.

Peer Mentor Specialist Certified

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Students, participants, volunteers, staff, and participating affiliates of any race, color, national and ethic origin, gender, age, religion, and economic status, have rights and privileges to all programs and activities made available by 7 Graces for Sexual Abuse Survivors. 7 Graces for S.A.S does not discriminate on the base of race, color, national and ethic origin, gender, age, religion, economic status in administration of it’s education policies, admission policies, participants policies, scholarship programs, athletic programs, and other 7 Graces for Sexual Abuse Survivors non-profit programs.

We provide a mentorship with small groups and individual sessions to build self awareness, self regulation, cognitive behavior, relationship building,  self advocacy, and so much more. 

7 Graces works with neighboring non-profits to give back to our community with pride (Relay for Life & Garden of Innocence)

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