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What is 7 Graces all about?

What 7 Graces is about.

7 Graces Is a social support organization built on empathy and experience through sexual abuse experiences.  As a survivors of 4 abusers, I have seen and experienced many different relationship types and abuse experiences scenarios. I have experience and understand what one feels like when they have been violated, manipulated and what that traumatic fight or flight experience is, in addition to the after math of the abuse. As survivors we think in the moment and how to just get past a moment. Not to mention that we never think this is happening or has happened to another and the reality it that in many cases it is happening to many other children and teens around them in there direct family and friend circles. What you should know it you are not alone on how your ache, suffer and feel a the time of our experience, your trauma and how you r feel know. This is the objective of 7 Graces. The goal is to support you with not  just starck meetings that have lost of questions. Let's Get up and move, do trust building activities that are fun and heal in a right brained approach with somatic energy enhancing our body’s, mind and soal healing. 

As a survivors, a writer, advocate, I am a founder, I am successful and I am dyslexic and still working through a lot of my trauma and I doI make  a lot of spelling mis-takes, run on sentences and grammar errors. I am focused on the flow of my thoughts to relate to the emotional brain of my peers not the intellect of those who cant process this information past my grammar corrections. I am struggling and humble to admit and acknowledge that . Thank you for your patience. 

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