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Welcome to 7 Graces Survivor Blog Spot

Thank you for your courage to view our site. We want yout to know you are not alone. Out thoughts are always with you. As a peer survivor I aknolwedge there are any different forms of healing for each of us. Some many prefer to reflect and read in the comfort of your safe space and we respect that. Id you do find your self curios about our social posts and or peer groups please know they upheld with confidenitality and respect for where we find oursleves in our healing jouney. We do not discriminate race, ethnicity, economical background, age, gender, reglition or political views. We will all have different v iew and opinons as well as experiances and want to maintain a safe place for all to contribute. Our hope for you to feel support through your healing jouney of self awarness. We belive what happen to you and how it is specifically effecting you. Please know we are not a crisis center, if you do need crisis assisitence please text 741741 or call 988. We love you and wish you HOPE!

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