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Right Brained Approach

Right Brained Activities 

Right brained activities are activities that help our traumatic brain experiences process information in a much safer and calmer environment. Imagine, for many of you r you may have experiences a number of questions, interviews, and cold experience in attempt to take our disclosure in fear they might guide or direct our answers that could become dismissable. 

Remembering the process and in many experiences we are not able to give the whole picture or tell about the details of a abusive situation because we are still in a traumatic state of PTSD and the trauma experience is to close and real which illuminated the ability for our brain to let information out that may damage the emotional capacity of our cognition. Again fight and flight kicks in and we stop our brain from telling the whole story. We have a fragmented memory when we have experienced trauma. 

My whole research has been how success ful right bran recreational activities have been successful in addressing trauma in myself and peers. I am blessed beyond my comprehension and grateful to Dr. Shulamit Rittblat for over seeing my research and asking me to be a co-author on a SDSU text book called From Trauma to Resiliency, Trauma Informed Practices for Working with Children, Families,  Schools and Communities can be found on Amazon. 

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