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Underneath it all....

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


Dose sexual abuse only effect the victim?

Who is responsible for the after math of sexual abuse?

Who can aid in the re-building of sexual abuse?

What can I do when my life is out of control?

What can I do when my loved one is out of control?

Is communal healing really necessary?

Is sexual abuse a condition?

Is Sexual abuse a life style?

How can 7 Graces help in the aid of re-building a person, family, or relationships through healing?

What is my first step?

What is my next step to self knowledge?

What should I expect to encounter within 7 Graces?

To often we read the horrific stories of abuse that went on for years and years and no one said anything to stop. Or that the victim who ended up coping with alcohol , drugs and the prostitute who attempt of being in control of her own active sex life.

Let's not wait for the person your life to share that story , be apart of the story where they are surviving through a life filled with hope and success. Don't be the story that ends with , "she was such a beauty; it's such a shame." Declare your beauty and your being! You are worth every reason and part of your creation!

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