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Cricles of Realization

Circles of Realization

It makes my body ache each time I find out a women from one of my direct circles shares a story of their abuse with me. Is it me, I am to aware or is the reality that the ratio is really smaller than 1 out of 4 women we know have been effected by sexual abuse. 

It was a different kind of hard, dealing with my own mental staus and pain when trying to forget, and get rid of the past memories of my pain and experiences. But when I found out more and more peers had been abused by the same abuser I became equally broken and emotionally distraught from the pain of knowing their secret  horrific everyday experiences. I wish I was healthy enough to support them at that time but the truth is, I was not mentally well. I wasn't well enough to even get my self our of my mental funk and fear. I wanted to die at that time. Those are the thoughts I remember from many  of those days.

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