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Updated: Dec 5, 2020


Monthly Novena was said at the blessed sacrament this morning. Prayers were said for all those who have asked for prayer request as well as all survivors with in 7 Graces for S.A.S and those still suffering affliction. Thank you to our Ladies of St. Dymphna for the time and prayer said. They will continue to meet on the 18th of every month. Please contact us if you would like to join this particular prayer group as well as adding your prayer intentions.


Thank you to those who we a part of our "Our Blessed Mother" field trip and project Mother's day weekend 2018.

We made crowns of fresh roses and visited 4 shrines to "Our Blessed Mother Mary" in honor of our Heavenly Mother as well as all Mothers on Mother's Day.

The 4 Shrines we visited:

St. Margret's Parish in Oceanside Ca

Divine Mercy Shrine in Encinitas

St. John the Evangelist Parish in Encnitas

San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside

Please contact us for more field trip and project details!

​Sainthood & ME

Most hear "Sainthood" and automatically think of someone Holy or worthy of being Holy because of their good deeds and nature.

The Catholic Church recognized a Saint to be a person of "heroic virtues". And Yes there is much documented history that does explain their good deeds and how they have lived their ending days as martyrs and pilgrims of bringing people to light of God's presence. However Saint's as we know them by name and patronage were not always Saints. In fact some of them were living life in great moral sin, in poverty, abused, abandoned, forgotten and unloved. How alike to do now see your self in the eye of a Saint? It took will, discipline, hope, faith and the Lord to make them later Saints.

The simple difference of a "do gooder" and a Saint can be the reason and reaction in which to help. Are you offering yourself, sacrifice and care to self for only the better of one self or for the better Glory of God. A witness to your image in the face of our Creator can make the biggest impact on caring out His work, the care of self.

See yourself in the light of our Creator and don't be so quick to separate your image of our past Saints.

I encourage your own research of the Saint recorded in history. You would be surprised how similar their lives are to your own.

Click on each saint to reach links.

St. Rita

St. Dymphna

St. John Bosco


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