7 Graces is utilizing the Circle of Education® Social Emotional Wellness, Academic Development (Literacy & STEAM), Family Engagement, Learning Readiness, Behavioral Health & Early Intervention Program for young children ages birth to 8.

The program provides families and guardians with guidance, activities and educational tools to support children’s social-emotional wellness, dealing with behavioral challenges and enhance learning readiness skills.The program developed by Dr. Shulamit Ritblatt, who is a leading expert in social-emotional development and early intervention. Dr. Ritblatt, co-founder of delibrainy LLC. is Professor of Child & Family Development at San Diego State University,7 Graces creates an opportunity for children and adults to experience the wonderful Circle of Education® program to build awareness of emotions in children who have been exposed to sexual abuse and provide family members with tools to support them in dealing with the trauma and the challenges they face due to it.