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I.D-A.P.P Program 


7 Graces' Middle and High School Program called P.P.A.I.D provides teens an opportunity to give back to the community, their peers, their school, and their own future education. If offered, the scholarship program allows students of different ages to participate in a collaboration effort to update, research, learn, and train fellow peers about body safety and character building. There is a minimum amount of hours required to fulfill the scholarship requirements.


Developing through teen years are hard enough with puberty, environmental changes, peers conflicts, and self awkwardness. This can confuse the spirit of any teen, especially when in addition to having a traumatic experience. 7 Graces builds paths with approaches needed to help teens rise up and overcome real life challenges. 


Participants will participate and enhance their skills in community activities, study & life skills, coping strategies, peer communications, and positive cognitive behavior. 

7 Graces provides a strong foundation to support and educate the youth of our community for future success.

Legs in Jeans
Legs in Jeans


The mission of P.P.A.I.D is to give our adolcents and young adults a voice. To support them with safe practices while they are developing and trasintioning through these crutial years of education. This program provided an opportunity to give back to the community, and allow the youth to be a menber of thier community.


Our Catholic organization will continuously provide a compendium of necessary and vital services to provide for growth and development of individuals as well as the community. Our goal is to expand across communities bringing awareness, protection, and prevention in our communities, homes, and schools.

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