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SHIELD TEAM program curriculum and activities focus on Body Safety Training, Character Building, Abuse Prevention and Community.

This two week program provides the following components:

Safe Vs. Not Safe

Behavior, Language, Situations

Addressing feelings of distress, aligned with dialogue, problem solving, and resources. 

Our objective for every participant is to experience Self Value & Empowerment!

Primary & Secondary Grade Levels Body Safety Training

School Bus & Children

Our Story

It is our mission to support every child with a safe environment. Ninety percent of children who are sexually abused are abused by someone they know. As the children in our community enter back into our schools after months of isolation, let us create a strong and prepared support system for them as they continue to develop and grow.  


Teacher ~ Friend ~ Family Member ~ Classmate ~ Administrator  Extended Family Member ~ Medical Staff ~ Community Member 

Together we build safe communities for our children and for each other.

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